Logo BRT βeta-power BRAND V-BELTS "Made with love!"

All BRT®  β-power V-belts are being prodused involving the most innovative technologies with continuous quality control at all stages of production. Leading by the 'quality-price ratio', our driving belts are in growing demand in many countries of the EC and CIS. They meet following international norms and standards: VS-3790, DIN-2214, DIN-2215, ISO-4184. BRT®  β-power V-belts are reinforced with synthetic cords steady against shock loadings. In a special way made rubber mixture, in combination with an additional external cover, ensure very smooth and uniform functioning of all drive. Thus, usage of BRT®  β-power V-belts helps to prolong service life of the entire mechanism (engine) by decreasing of vibration and by avoiding jerks during spinups and slowdowns. Besides that, our belts are just beautiful, it is pleasant to touch them.

All BRT® belts are antistatic, oil- and heatproof. Generation of static electricity: zero.  We also supply V-belts as per IMPA catalogue.

Technical data